I want to get pregnant now!

Looking for the positive: from desire to reality

Only half of the women get pregnant during the first year of trying to conceive. One out of five will only make it with medical help.

HELP! I am not getting pregnant

Let us get to work: Where should I start? How can I get informed? How do I choose a clinic? What should I keep in mind?

The diagnosis

The importance of knowing what we are dealing with. An incomplete or wrong diagnosis can be the cause of a long history of sterility. Everything you need to know about the quality of oocytes, ovulation, tubes, and uterine implantation and about male fertility.


Donation: the big step

The only way out for many of the cases is to rely on eggs or sperm donation. Find all the information you need to solve your doubts about this topic.

How to survive the emotional roller coaster

Information will help you come to a decision and the advice of Dr Marisa López- Teijón will help you cope with it.

How long should I try?

A book where you will find detailed information about treatments, techniques and solutions but also a must: hope.

Looking for the positive: from desire to reality

Solo la mitad de las mujeres consiguen quedarse embarazadas durante el primer año de intentarlo. Una de cada cinco sólo lo conseguirá con ayuda médica.

¡SOCORRO! No me quedo embarazada

Manos a la obra: ¿Por dónde empiezo?, ¿cómo me informo? ¿Cómo elijo clínica?, ¿qué debo tener en cuenta?

El diagnóstico

La importancia de saber a qué nos enfrentamos. Un diagnóstico incompleto o erróneo puede ser la causa de una larga historia de esterilidad. Todo lo que debes saber sobre la ovulación, la calidad de los ovocitos, la implantación uterina, las trompas y también sobre la fertilidad masculina.

La donación: el gran paso

La única salida para muchos de los casos es recurrir a la donación de óvulos o de esperma. Encuentra toda la información que necesitas para resolver tus dudas sobre este tema.

Cómo sobrevivir a la montaña rusa emocional

La información te ayudará a decidir y los consejos de la Dra. Marisa López-Teijón te ayudarán a sobrellevarlo.

¿Hasta cuándo debo intentarlo?

Un libro en el que encontrarás toda la información sobre tratamientos, técnicas y soluciones pero también algo imprescindible, esperanza.

How long will it take me to conceive?

One of the concerns a woman has when she decides she wants to become pregnant is: How long will it take me? A very important variable to answer this question is the woman’s age.

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The author

doctora embarazada ya

The author

Dr López- Teijón has been pioneer in the study of male infertility and has created the first world embryos adoption programme. She has joined different actions and campaigns on the research about toxics and infertility.

She always wanted to be a Doctor because she loves helping others. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery and specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics and she immediately turned to assisted reproduction, since it was a new and exciting science and she fell in love with the embryos. She divides her time between the general management of Institut Marquès, the medical practice and the R&D projects team.

AMusic lover since her childhood, Dr Marisa López- Teijón is internationally recognized for her studies on the benefits of musical vibrations since the beginning of life and for the discovery of the foetal audition. Together with the team that carried out the research, Dr Marisa López- Teijón was awarded the IG Nobel Prize of Medicine, the first in Obstetrics in the 27 years of history of the award, granted by the University Of Harvard (USA).

In addition to her numerous scientific publications she is a regular contributor to national and international media, press, radio, television and Internet. She has her own very successful blog, Fertility experiences. According to the scientific platform Research Gate, Dr. Marisa López-Teijón appears among the top 10% of the most influential researchers in the world. In 2019 was awarded as Physician of the Year in Assisted Reproduction.

At an entrepreneurial level, she has created and manages one of the most renowned centres of assisted reproduction in the world, Institut Marquès with offices in different countries.


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Dedicated to women who fight with all their love for the dream of having a child and to the professionals that make it possible.

I want this book to be the embrace of energy and affection that comforts us in each of our moments of despair.