How long to get pregnant?


One of the concerns that assaults a woman when she decides she wants to get pregnant is, how long will it take? To solve this doubt, a very important variable is the age of the woman. Dr. Marisa López-Teijón explains in her book the relevance of this aspect. «The monthly fertility rate in young girls with regular intercourse is 20% per cycle, in 40 year old women it is 5% per cycle,» she says. With these numbers this transcendence is clear: with 40 years, the possibilities are reduced to a quarter.

In addition to the age of the woman, the difficulty to get pregnant also depends on the semen quality of the male and the degree of fertility of each one of them.

The doctor explains that with her years of experience in consulting with young egg and semen donors she has realised that «the degree of fertility is an innate personal characteristic with all possible degrees». That is why when two very fertile people come together, the most probable thing is that pregnancy occurs in the first months; whereas, when a woman and a man of low fertility meet, even though they are totally healthy and without suffering from issues that prevent it, it will take them much longer.

One year is the time considered appropriate to try it naturally. After this time, it is recommended to take the step of seeking for help from a specialist to be able to detect where the problem is.

As we said above, as you are looking for a pregnancy time presses, so it is important, although it is difficult to accept that you need help, to inform yourself and look for advise in due time.

At the age of 35, 10% of the eggs remain and a diminished ovarian reserve leads to a worsening of the eggs’ quality. In general, to have the menstruation is popularly considered as a test of the ability to have children, but this is not always an accurate sign.

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